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Week 8: Copyright or Copyleft? Exploring, Debating, and Hating Intellectual Property Laws

Like politics and religion, copyright is pervasive, debated, and entrenched in our global society. To expand, its existence operates as a “legal concept, enacted by most governments through associated copyright laws, giving the creator of intellectual property specific rights” (Curtin University, 2014). … Continue reading

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Week 6: Rethinking Technology: An Animator’s Perspective

From a creative standpoint, technology will “not live up to its potential until we start to think of it less like televisions and more like paintbrushes” (Saxena, 2013). To expand, this notion can be explored through the ability to perceive … Continue reading

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Week 5: Design & Creativity, a Love Story

Like creativity, design is a field that is highly valued, but not always well understood. To enhance our understanding of design, its important we examine the role that creativity plays in shaping a great designer (Quay, 2012). From a wider perspective, this study … Continue reading

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Week 4: Exploring the Creative Psyche

Team Freud or Team Jung? For buddies Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, the psyche was a many-splendored thing: fluid, multi-dimensional, alive, and capable of creative development (Salman, 2008). However their relationship and collaboration began to deteriorate as the years went on. While Freud … Continue reading

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Week 3: Remembering Robin, a Creative Personality

What makes a creative personality? It’s a question that continues to be hotly debated by some of the greatest minds of our time. From a social perspective, we often jump to romantic stereotypes when defining a creative person – the … Continue reading

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Week 2: Night, Light, and History with Dr. Glenn Spoors

The historical development of ideas associated with creativity is essential to understanding the importance and use of creativity in past artistic and professional practice (Spoors, 2014). By exploring this notion, the definition of creativity has evidently changed over time, making … Continue reading

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