Creative Works

The following gallery is a small selection of past creative works. Each piece varies in medium and purpose – some for personal enjoyment, some for friends, and some for university assignments. From a personal standpoint, this portfolio intends to showcase my interest in graphic design, animation, and the visual arts. In particular, this section will grow to showcase future projects, assignments and creative works that are completed throughout my remaining years at Edith Cowan University.

i. Typography Work

type42_created via sbignellFor graphic design, letterforms and typeface play a vital role towards designing any successful logo, brand image and publication. Through exploring and challenging the current methods of typographic design, I have created and shared various fonts online. The following typeface was developed via Adobe InDesign as part of an online competition that aimed to create a poster promoting local street art in Perth.

ii. Playing with Maya

sbignell.projectpracticeThe following screenshot presents a template of a current project that aims to enhance my skills in Maya 2014. This character template will eventually evolve to feature skin, colour, animation, and hopefully a personality. From a career perspective, understanding Maya will provide the opportunity to breathe life into many of my creative works. In turn, this portfolio will continue to showcase my progression with animation software such as Maya, Mudbox, and GoAnimate.

iii. Doodles

20110921-014104From a personal standpoint, traditional drawing continues to play an important role in my creative process. In particular, thoughtless drawing often provides the opportunity for a relaxed state of mind and heightened sense of creativity. To expand, this notion has been responsible for many of my finest ideas, drawings and subsequent projects. In contrast to my above work, the following drawing was taken from my sketchbook and created in under 15 minutes while daydreaming about my upcoming trip to Malaysia – it’s a personal favourite.

For any further information on my background, be sure to check out my creative philosophy by following this link.



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