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CP3: The One-Man Team: Layout, Media, and Concept Art

For any creative practitioner, its important we research, experiment, and draft prior to establishing our final work. As explained by author Brian Hutchinson, “the first drafts are perhaps the most important step to completing your project […] it enables your … Continue reading

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CP1: Getting Started

Like any project, taking control from beginning to end can be intimidating, especially if you are assigned to complete the proposal alone. Despite this, we can explore a range of methods to apply in our project’s onset, helping the creative process … Continue reading

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Creative Project Proposal: Australia’s Bigfoot

For many readers, we often harbour the notion that comics are solely for the pleasure of children and teenagers, their intellectual value being minimum at best. Despite this, a recent marketing study conducted by a major comic book publisher, indicates that the average … Continue reading

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Week 2: Night, Light, and History with Dr. Glenn Spoors

The historical development of ideas associated with creativity is essential to understanding the importance and use of creativity in past artistic and professional practice (Spoors, 2014). By exploring this notion, the definition of creativity has evidently changed over time, making … Continue reading

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